"Simply amazing! This is the opinion of a complete skeptic; all you need is an open mind and a little faith. Rebecca's kind touch and calm energy immediately put my mind at ease."
- Anonymous

“I have never had acupuncture but have been in severe pain for several years in my lower back. A friend suggested that I see Rebecca many times before I agreed to go. I have seen help in lowering of all over pain and find that I am walking straighter than I did before the treatment. I had been doing the hunched over shuffle before.”
- L.C.

"I had several severe musculoskeletal pain issues that persisted despite medical treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and massage. Rebecca listened to my concerns and addressed each in her acupuncture treatment. I have had absolutely amazing results from only 3 visits. The pain issues are very nearly resolved. My sense of overall balance and overall well-being has improved remarkably. Rebecca is kind, and professional and her healing environment is immaculate, and comfortable. I would highly recommend Rebecca Abbott and Trillium Acupuncture." - Lisa H.

"Rebecca was very caring and thorough and addressed all my concerns." - Maria M.

"My health has significantly improved over the 9 months that I have been receiving treatments. Rebecca is always available to counsel and treat me." - Sheila B.

"A much healthier and safer alternative to prescription drugs. Acupuncture is very effective."- Andrea S.

"For me, it is painless, relaxing. I would recommend it to anybody." - Hildegard J.

"The herbal treatments that Rebecca has prescribed over the years have successfully treated back pain, colds and flu, even menopausal symptoms for me. And acupuncture treatments have really helped my allergies when they flare up. Nowadays, if I have a health issue, I don't call the clinic, I go see Rebecca." - Lorin O.

"There was no pain and over time I came to completely relax, letting go of all my thoughts about my hectic day." - B.J.C.

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