Chinese herbs as remedies

Chinese herbs have been used to successfully treat a host of illnesses for many centuries. Chinese medicine often uses herbs in different ways than Western medicine. The Chinese Material MedicaCupping Therapy (herbal encyclopedia) is unique. While some herbs appear in both theChinese and Western Materia Medica, their applications differ significantly. For example, mint in Western herbology soothes the stomach. TCM uses mint to redirect the liver energy or to open up the skin’s pores to vent an exterior pathogen (virus) causing sore throat, red eyes or a rash.

Rebecca is familiar with some Western herbs, since they are more readily available. However, she dispenses Chinese herbs (available to practitioners only), in tablet or capsule form. Pediatric tinctures (liquid) are also available. To safeguard her patients’ safety, all of the Chinese herbs that Rebecca purchases are processed in the United States.