Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves the attachment of special glass cups on specific parts of the body. Suction is created by briefly introducing a flame into the cup to create a vacuum immediately before application. The cups are left in place for up to ten minutes. Cupping creates a warm, pulling, stretching sensation. The therapy can leave pink marks on the skin which will fade within a week. Cupping is sometimes integrated with acupuncture or massage to treat swelling and pain.

Like gua sha (link),cupping increases the circulation of blood andCupping Therapy lymph within the joints, improves energy flow to the muscles and tendons and reduces local pressure on the vertebrae of the spine. Cupping also helps draw out and eliminate pathogenic factors from the superficial levels for colds, flu, cough and asthma because it opens the pores for pathogens to be released through the skin. Cupping is chosen for flat, larger areas of the body, whereas gua sha is can be used in small and rounded areas.